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 Francis RIMBERT

Has been playing music since he was 5 years old. He started in classical music, at the piano. At the conservatory, he studied harmony, counterpoint, theory and orchestration. & won first prize in piano. He moved onto Paris where he become a salesman in a shop that was importing synthesizers in an age in which almost no-one was selling them. It was then that Francis become interested in electronic instruments. Sponsored by Korg, Francis took the stage (Theatre de Champs Elysee) solo, surrounded by his synthesizers (Bionic Orchestra 1979). He became the go-to man for Roland and Ensoniq.

A talented musician, Francis wasted little time getting to know another master of the synthesizer, Jean Michel Jarre, through their mutual friend, Michel Geiss. Meeting in 1979 for the concert in Place de la Concorde, they began a long collaboration. Since 1986 (Houston), Francis has been at Jarre’s side on stage.

Aside from his work on various albums for Jarre, Francis has created several works of sonic illustration. Synthesizers are the extensions of the fingers of a sensitive musician who uses electronic instruments to articulate his melodic talent, a talent which helped him win first prize at the international festival of electronic music in Tokyo in 1988 (chaired by Isao Tomita).



1979 : Synthesizer (Bionic Orchestra)

1980 : Sponsor Spots (Jean Pierre Savelli)

1980 : Synthesizer (April Orchestra 36)

1980 : Passing Shot

1982 : Duty Free (April Ochestra 45 - JP. Savelli)

1982 : FR2 (April Ochestra 48 - JP. Savelli)

1983 : Synthesizer II (April Orchestra 51)

1984 : Synthesizer III (April Orchestra 54)

1984 : Compilation jingles (April Orchestra 56)

1986 : Electric Feeling (April Orchestra 64)

1987 : Keyboard Songs (Music for Media)

1988 : Digital Faith (Music for Media)

1989 : A .L .I .V .E.

1991 : Scenario

2005 : Double Face

2006 : Mecanique du Temps, avec P. Rondat

2006 : Sound Of Vintage - Vol.1

2007 : Sound Of Vintage - Vol.2

2007 : Snap Shots

2007 : LIVE IN 2007 F.Rimbert & les Vibes

2008 : LIVE IN LYON F.Rimbert

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