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Living in and with the music, Dominique Perrier is first interested in the piano before he began to learn violoncello. then he decided to study lithography at the Estienne School, which he will give up to return to the piano with such a famous talent we all know. At the age of 20, Perrier made some talentuous & elegant arrangements playing on all keyboards for many French singers. Among those : Christophe, of course, Michel Fugain, or the band Il Etait Une Fois, as well as the composer of film music Eric Demarsan.

With Christophe, in the midd Seventies, Dominique discovers the very first synthetizeurs ARP (Odyssey) which he overcomes so much and so that the desire takes him to have his own band, Space Art aside his good friend the drummer Roger Rizitelli. Electric organs, analogic synthetizers : Perrier walks in the step of the success aside Jean-Michel Jarre with Oxygene (1976).

So named REPETITIVE MUSIC in 1977, Dominique Perrier (ARP Odyssey / Keyboards) plays with one finger on one single note in loop fixed on an echo while Roger Rizzitelli ( Drums / Percussions) tunes his drums..; 30 years later, that's called "techno transe"...

This curious band endorses tight & opaque costumes of decontamination which cover their body & mask their faceIn 1977, success comes with the single « Onyx », issued from the album Space Art, recorded in the Studio Ferber mixed by René Hameline, released by IF records. 2 albums will follow very close, in '79 Trip to the center head then in '80 Play Back (Waves records). JM Jarre will get in touch with this duet to perform with him during his Concerts in China (oct.'81). Dominique bursts with the first portable synthetizer, the Moog Liberation.

In 1983, Dominique Perrier collaborate to D.Marouani's project : Paris France Transit, album that he will carry on stage in Russia.

In 1986, Dominique Perrier collaborate to JMJ's album Rendez-vous, then to all of them until Oxygene 7-13. His touch is sensitive on most of the solos (hard to restore on stage) among these, flexible and fantastic, in Calypso & Chronologie IV. He will be back on the scene for the Houston concert in '86, where his famous and stun solos will be awaited during JM Jarre's concerts. Anyway, he will be part of all the Jarre's concerts all over the world and continue until the Grand Anniversary of Moscow in 1997.

In 1994, Dominique Perrier decides to found another band Stone Age, a mix of traditional instrumentalists and modern keys, similar to Deep Forest, but with a larger band. the general spirit fo the band is to celebrate the gaelic soul in a coloured and festive way. Among the distinguished guests, besides bagpipes, flutes, bombards & singers, some old and new musicians come across from the Jarre's environment.

First of all , the famous Hard Rock Guitar Player Patrick Rondat, the French equivalent of Joe Satriani related to dexterity. Then, Claude Samard the multi-instrumentalist who will join in 2004 the current Jarre'team.

At last but not least, co-leader of the project, the bass player Michel Valy, ( Jarre & d’Alan Stivell as well). And then, the old chap Roger Rizzitelli, as the "drummer-in case". From this time, Dominique inherits of the nickname Terracotta, since each member of the band receives a totem. Dominique Perrier plays all kind of instruments, the piano, Hammond organ, and goes up on stagewith his legendary modesty like a musician…among others.

After their first eponymous album in '95, Stone Age is nominated during the Victoires de la Musique, defeated by a Corsican Polyphonies Band. Stone Age continues his way with 3 other albums : Chronovoyageurs, 1998 (Sony music), Promessa 2002 & Terres d’Armoriques in 2006 (CPM Prod).

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